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Berlin. A Photo Diary

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July 3rd, 2019.

Berlin. A city of immense presence. Startling re-emergence. And profound contrasts. With the devastation of its past, the city of Berlin has emerged through a process of considered redemption.

Large swathes of the West, razed to the ground during the first half of the 20th century, have been painstakingly rebuilt. Rather than the frenzied construction that took place in the East during its communist regime – that all but beat its chest at the world – the rebirth of the city that we know today has come through a process of deliberation and thoughtful analysis. Individual parcels of land at the very centre of the city have been tendered over the years and developed through collaboration and a sense of stitching the city back together with an emphasis on relevance and respect. And so, the result is a harmonious coming together of elements. A conjoined urban environment with utterly unique characteristics and persona’s. New builds sit atop pockmarked facades of graceful, aged beauty. Foliage overruns the bricks and mortar and cascades down buildings, new and old, to mask the scars and tears of history and to frame the street art the city is so famed for. The urbanity of Berlin has transpired as a sum of the city’s parts, rendering it with a charm and heady wonder that captivates all who spend time here.

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Feature image by Katja Hiendlmayer.

Words and body images by Tiffany Jade


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