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Finding Our Way in The Wake of the Bushfires

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January 15th, 2020.

The past weeks have pushed the reset button on Australian life. The massive devastation to our built and natural environments has served as a humbling reminder that we are nothing more than custodians of this beautiful land. 

As our ability to turn away from the knowledge that we are abusing that privilege diminishes in the wake of the unarguable consequence wrought from the bushfires that continue to burn, the collective rising up to lend a helping hand has been poignant and timely. 

At Open Journal, we wanted to take a moment to compile a directory or sorts. A curation of some of the many (many!) who have stepped forward to offer services, commodities, help and support in the myriad ways that they can. Below is a list of a selection of our industry counterparts who have joined the Architects Assist movement to help rebuild the 2000+ homes that have been destroyed, and some of those that are lucky enough to own incredible accomodation options that they have kindly offered as shelter for those who need it most.

As the baked earth begins to cool and the appalling number of fires burning across the country slowly drops, the mission to rebuild and then reconcile is strong. How we can join in the about face that must happen to forge a brighter future is a topic that occupies many homes and workplaces, with the need to keep this intention and momentum going. The relevance of solidarity is paramount. As is the need to retain in our minds the current state of the country. Humans are very good at forgetting. At picking up the pieces and moving on. Australians in particular are an evolutionary and resilient bunch. A melting pot of cultural diversity that results in an aptitude for navigating new beginnings. So, while we continue to scramble to apply a balm to our ravaged home, let us not simply return to our ways but regroup and re-establish.

Disaster recovery pro-bono architecture and design services directory;

Architects Assist

Creative fundraising endeavours;



Art Fights Fire Auction

This Is Colossal Art Fundraiser

Disaster Relief Accomodation – Airbnb Disaster Relief Open Homes

Ross Farm Cabin

Marges Cottage

St. Fitz Apartment

Written by Tiffany Jade.

Feature image by Matthew Abbott courtesy of The New York Times


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