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Mobile Hyper Kitchen by CROWD.

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The Mobile Hyper Kitchen (MHK) is a response to current social, economic and environmental challenges on the domestic space and redefines the kitchen as an activity rather than a room.

Crowd Productions are in the ‘experience’ business. Working across varying sectors, these guys bring concepts to life through a wonderfully enterprising production model involving design, technology, ideas and collective wisdom. Through constant vigilance of the current social, economic, environmental and cultural trends that affect the way we live, it is some seriously outside-the-box thinking that has pushed Crowd to approach briefs and concepts in a way that results in design responses that re-imagine the status quo.

The Mobile Hyper Kitchen (MHK) is Crowd’s response to many challenges as our homes more and more readily embrace notions of flexible space and mixed use. The idea of a mobile kitchen in a box is not at all new but up until now, it has not been proposed as a serious substitute for a fully equipped fixed kitchen.

MHK redefines the kitchen as an activity, rather than a room, to enhance the quality of the social ritual of eating together. Much like a campsite, it is re-locatable however, unlike a campsite, it provides state of the art domestic cooking equipment. It is simply plugged into mains pressure cold water and domestic power to provide a full range of cooking services. 

The MHK contains an induction cooktop, an oven, a stainless steel splash-back, a triple-filtered downforce air extractor, a dishwasher, a retractable mixer tap, a micro-greens growing rack, up to three sinks and two chopping blocks, a water heater and two garbage bins. It discharges wastewater to any drain or sink up to 30 metres away. It is all electric and runs on renewable energy. It’s a Swiss army knife for cooking, on skateboard wheels, and conveniently folds away to allow for the smallest storage footprint under wall mounted joinery.

Mobile Hyper Kitchen by CROWD Productions.

The Mobile Hyper Kitchen is an inspiring example of pragmatic design at it’s finest and most relevant. It plays into the ever-shifting work and domestic spaces we inhabit and beautifully inspires novel solutions to the basic and enduring act of cooking a meal.

For any enquiries about the Mobile Hyper Kitchen prototype please contact Crowd Productions via

Words compiled by Tiffany Jade.

Images courtesy of Crowd Productions.


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